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A Tarot reading can provide guidance in your relationships, wellbeing, job, study or wealth matters, spiritual exploration, answering questions or giving general overview and advice.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking a reading.

When you complete the checkout through one of the Paypal buttons below, you will automatically be redirected to the reading request form where you submit your e-mail address, name and your question. You can ask a specific question, just describe what you would like to know about, or ask for a general overview reading.

The reading will be sent to you within 2 days of your order. You will receive an e-mail with one or more photos of the cards and the written reading.

If you would like to choose which cards I will use in my reading, have a look at my collection and include the deck of your choice in the reading request form.

Simple and versatile Tarot readings:

2 Card Reading – 5€

3 Card Reading – 9€

Standard – 20€

6 Card reading with a spread designed or chosen for your question.

In-Depth – 30€

10 Card reading with a spread designed or chosen for your question.

Comprehensive Reading – 44€

A detailed 15 card deep-dive using one or more spreads designed or chosen for your question.

Special Spreads

Elements Spread – 22€

Perfect for a general vibe check, a week or month ahead reading, or examining various aspects of a situation.

Relationship Spread – 22€

Suitable for romantic, family, friend, work or any other relationships! Examines the perspectives of both involved and where your shared path leads.

Golden Opportunity – 22€

For finding your next opportunity on the horizon, exploring how you can make the best of it and turn it into success.

Crossroads – 22€

Facing a difficult decision? This spread maps out potential outcomes of both choices so you can choose which path to take.

If you would like assistance in choosing a reading or formulating your reading questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

I look forward to reading for you!